You Can’t Resist Falling In Love with BuildQ Homes

February 16, 2022
You Can’t Resist Falling In Love with BuildQ Homes

BuildQ homes are built with great quality inclusions and built with a great purpose – to realize the image of the customer’s dream home. BuildQ homes are based out of New South Wales. Our custom home builders in the Ponds, Sydney and Schofields have delivered several dream homes to our customers. But before we talk about why BuildQ is special, let us talk about custom homes and their increasing importance in today’s day and age.

Custom Homes for Modern Families

Traditional homes have a few bedrooms, a couple of common rooms, and a traditional garden/lawn area. These homes are one fit for all and usually, people have to adjust their needs according to the structure and sections of the house. However, these homes may not provide the optimum facilities needed for families which require a personal touch.

Custom homes are the best option for modern families living in Australia. New South Wales is home to people from different cultures and cities across the world. Various people from different countries across the world live here. With different cultures, come different family layouts and different interests and hobbies. A standard home structure may not serve one homeowner as well as the other, due to which many aspiring homeowners and families are leaning towards the option of building a custom home, according to their needs. BuildQ takes pride in having completed over 500 custom home projects, with each customer getting the home that they seek and deserve. 

Imagine a family of two kids and parents, along with a pet. The son is a violinist so he needs a soundproof room with ample space for practicing music. The daughter loves to play basketball, so it would be convenient if there was a small basketball court section attached to the lawn area. The parents would need an entertainment room and a television room, and probably a library area to study and store their books in. How remarkable would it be if this home provided all the facilities needed by the kids and the parents? The pet needs its own space too – so it would need a portion of the lawn area for play and an area inside the house for rest. This is the benefit of hiring a custom home builder – we would make sure that all the facilities you seek shall be accommodated into the construction plan of your home. The home is completely yours from the get-go, the plan is yours and our duty is to build it according to your needs and requirements. We at BuildQ Homes assure the best when it comes to building your dream home for you.

What sets BuildQ apart?

So, we are custom home builders and have completed more than a few custom home projects. But what sets us apart and why should you hand over your dream project into our hands? There are a couple of reasons why you cannot resist falling in love with BuildQ homes.

  1. Quality

    BuilldQ follows all Australian and international standards of construction. We use the best quality materials, we waterproof wet areas and we make sure we do everything to build your home as strong and solid as we would build our own. Having a safe home with a rigid structure is something all clients expect and deserve. Quality is something that is never compromised when you become an owner of a BuildQ home.

  2. Experience

    We have completed over 550 projects. Having built hundreds of homes for Australians, we know our way around a solid construction plan and delivering on clients’ expectations. We believe in delivering dreams. There is zero room for failure when it comes to delivering quality homes, and quality requires experience in building different types of homes. Luckily for us, we have built custom homes.

  3. Expertise in Design

    Our builders promise to give an aesthetic and complete look to your home. We build it how you imagine it, and optimize the home for maximum functionality, accommodation, comfort, and pleasure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our job is to make sure your house is a beauty, inside and outside.

  4. Safety

    We ensure safety in our worksite and make sure our workers are equipped with the right gear to keep them safe.

  5. Communication

    We make sure our architects, engineers, and personnel are constantly informed about your expectations and needs. We build your home exactly according to your plans, and we are connected to our home builders throughout the process in case of any changes or additional requests that you would want to make. With BuildQ, be rest assured that your dream home is being built according to your requirements. Communication is key to building a custom home, and BuildQ takes pride in being a customer-oriented home builder.

  6. Punctual

    We take client commitments very seriously and deliver your project in a time-sensitive manner. In fact, we are very particular about delivering clients’ homes within the promised time period. There is no delay when it comes to delivering your dream house to you – that is our commitment.

BuildQ Group – A Safe Haven for your dream project

BuildQ takes immense pride in having built 550+ homes for Australians. We wish to provide the most precise, safe, beautiful, and hassle-free home-building experience for Australians. Our custom home builders in the Ponds, Schofields, and Sydney are dedicated to helping you build your dream home – exactly how you want it to be. BuildQ means business, with unparalleled transparency, punctuality, and quality service. You really cannot resist falling in love with BuildQ homes. Contact us today to get started on your dream project.


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