Why Should You Sell Your Home with Us at BuildQ?

April 12, 2021
Why Should You Sell Your Home with Us at BuildQ?

Are you thinking of selling your house? If you’re a first-time home seller and thinking of doing it alone, brace yourself for a long journey. From home preparation, advertisement to the tedious paperwork, you may want to seek help from a third party professional to guide you through a successful sale.

Your home’s value depends on its location, size, condition and the current state of the local market and economy. From these factors, the only thing you have control of is the condition of your house. You have to decide whether to sell your property as it is or do some upgrades for a higher value.

Pros and Cons of Selling with a Third Party Company

Selling your home through a third-party company is beneficial in many ways and makes your sale journey even enjoyable, but this convenience does come with a fee.


Commission. Like any services, a third-party agent or company will require a fee in exchange for their service. This charge is what generally discourages sellers from collaborating with agents. The average rate of commission in Australia is around 1% to 4%. The commission varies depending on the state. For some, this commission percentage can be pretty high. 

However, it would be best if you took note that it takes a team to sell your house. There’s also marketing cost, agent’s fee, and other miscellaneous fees needed to sell your home without any glitch in paperwork quickly. But despite all these, this question remains: is collaborating with a real estate agent worth it? Let’s see some of the benefits below.


1. Cost-Effective

A third-party company covers all marketing costs like advertising and promotion that usually takes four to six weeks. This advertisement includes open houses, photo ops, signage, online and offline advertising, brochures and others. All these ensure that more people see your listing presented in its best condition. An experienced real estate company in Sydney, Schofields, Marsden Park and The Ponds will provide you with detailed cost and fees so you’ll exactly know exactly what to expect during the sale. Remember that the company is on your side and wants the same goal: fast and secure transaction at the highest price possible.

2. Best Deal

Experienced real estate professionals will provide you with a realistic price for your home based on comparative market analysis. This analysis will give you an idea of competitive start-up price within your area, increasing a faster trade. The company will also advise you with simple upgrades you may need to keep a competitive state.

3. Quick Sale

The dilemma in choosing to go with a cheap company versus an experienced one is a no brainer. You are selling for profit and must look ahead and see the bigger picture. A new real estate company or agent will offer their services at a lower price. You will save thousands, but at what cost? Unexpected glitches, slower sales, and guesswork. They may know more than you do but is it enough to get you the best possible deal?

On the other hand, an experienced third party company will have everything in place. The company employs a marketing and sales team consisting of professionals with a set of proven effective strategies in sales that may sell your home at an above-market rate. A proven record of accomplishment will set your mind at ease as you know that the company you have trusted will deliver.

4. Stress-free

A real estate agency that knows what they are doing will provide you with a stress-free experience. The company will handle all the necessary steps in selling your home. For insight, here are the steps in selling residential property that you will have to take if you are still planning to sell on your own.

a. Get a property report

Your buyers have done their research, and so should you. Take time to prepare a report, which includes property details, comparable sales and suburb insights. These three will help you set a realistic price as you balance the sales activity, price growth and local property features.

b. Set a price

Now that you have done your market research, it is time to put a tag on your house. First, ask yourself, are you selling your home as it is, or are you doing some upgrades? Note that if you choose to sell your property as it is, you have to sell it at a lower cost. If you decide to go with some home upgrades, do some research on what features buyers are looking for in your area.

c. Sales method

You can choose to sell your house privately or through an auction. A private sales method will allow you to have an extended sales campaign to weigh offers from buyers. Your asking price can affect the interest of probable buyers. A high selling price may attract fewer to no buyers, but a low price will result in several offers, resulting in a smaller profit.

An auction sales method is a risky way that can either increase or decrease the sale price. Like any other auction, the buyer with the highest bid will purchase your property. At what price? No one knows until the day of the auction.

d. Paperwork

Prepare a vendor statement and contract of sale. Hire a property specialist to prepare the contract of sale, which includes documents like a local council certificate, the title of documents and others

e. Sales campaign

You have to ensure that your property is found on listing sites.You may need to capture photos of your house and create other marketing paraphernalia needed for selling.

f. Secure a sale and settlement

This is the time to choose which buyer to award the sale and sign the contract of sale. Once the settlement is concluded, you need to vacate the premises immediately.

Note: Not all real estate agencies or real estate agents offer the same package. Some do not offer marketing, which is why they may ask for a lower commission fee. So make sure to ask and compare third party companies and don’t settle with the lowest offer. Chances are, they may be offering an incomplete package that will cost you more than you expect.

Having said all this, is it worth it to collaborate with an experienced real estate agency? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to  this question. It will still depend on your needs, of course. And if you think you have the capabilities and expertise to sell a property, you may opt not to hire a third-party company.

However, if you don’t think you have the time and knowledge to handle all the requirements in the sales process, it may be good to seek help.

Why Should You Sell your Home with BuildQ?

BuildQ Group is proud to announce that we have now ventured into third party residential sales. That means:

– You can sell your home with us at a premium price.

– Having sold over 30+ homes in The Ponds itself, the team at BuildQ Group will make sure no stone is left unturned during the sale of your beloved home.

– Whether it be the marketing of the property or the way we sell your house available for sale in The Ponds, Marsden Park, Schofields and Sydney, our experienced team will know how to get the best results for you.

Let us help you sell your precious home faster at its premium value. Call us today for more information.