Vaastu compliant floor plan – The Art and Science of Home Sweet Home!

July 7, 2021
Vaastu compliant floor plan – The Art and Science of Home Sweet Home!

When you think of home, you think of happiness, peace, security, relationships, success and much more. What if we told you that you can have all that through a traditional Indian architectural system known as Vaastu design?

Vaastu is a science more than a religion. It is all about setting things in the right place to maintain a balance of elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. With this, homes attain an atmosphere of peace and help residents make the most of their lives. Vaastu encourages a home where both gods and humans can inhabit peacefully. 

BuildQ creates customized plans for your homes according to Vaastu allowing maximum sunlight and air and using directions that are analogous to success and prosperity


What exactly is Vaastu in Home design?

The layout of a building or house is planned out in a way that positive energy along with peace and prosperity, is channelized into the occupants’ lives. 


How does Vastu Home Design Work?

There are eight directions used in Vaastu home design that must remain coordinated during construction to inspire happiness and prosperity – this, besides comprising the five elements as mentioned above. 

In other words, all elements and directions must work together in harmony. For instance, a person who belongs to the fire sign should not put an area of water in their bedroom. A door should be facing the most appropriate direction for it to attract positive energy. Both the human body and the universe are overseen by the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and space. Therefore, to ensure a healthy body, mind and spirit, these essentials must remain well-proportioned.

Directions in Vaastu Home Design

Eight common directions hold the power to impact your relationships, career, health, finances, and several other aspects of life that are extremely important to you. To get these in order, here is what you should know about the different directions:

  • East – This is where the sun rises and therefore the entry of all new opportunities.
  • West – In this particular direction the sun sets and is governed by the lord of the rains.
  • North – For those engaged in business or would like to invest in wealth, the North represents wealth.
  • South – Typically brings confusion because this is governed by the Lord of Death.
  • North East – Ideal for wisdom and prayers.
  • South East – The Lord of fire resides here.
  • North West – Direction controls creativity and relationships and is governed by the Lord of Winds.
  • South West – Signifies disagreement, death and character.


Benefits of BuildQ Group’s Vaastu compliant floor plans

The principles of Vaastu Design for Homes are meant to provide individuals residing in a house with peace and productivity. It comes with innumerable benefits such as:

  • Improved health
  • More Peace
  • Better financial gains
  • Environment remains stress-free
  • General well-being maintained
  • Sleep quality improves
  • Efficiency improves
  • Facilitates optimism
  • Relationships are healthier
  • Creativity is enhanced

How does BuildQ Group implement Vaastu?

Meant for both residential and commercial complexes, Vaastu Home Design is used by BuildQ Group across constructions where professional practitioners gauge the energy of a specific space or land to see if it is in harmony with all the elements. We blend spaces in a way that it smoothly integrates with the personality of the resident individual, so that it spells nothing but success. 


The Process:

Our Vaastu Home Design practitioner first gets acquainted with the basic directions that are considered good to use and mark areas where the directions are situated. Depending upon the space and issues to be addressed, powerful tools are recommended and implemented to improve several areas in life, such as finances, relationships, career and health. Thus, the gifts of nature are used to balance the energies to provide adequate support in your journey to success through a home or office space that is maximized for prosperity.

Radiate positivity through these simple tips

While BuildQ Group already makes floor plans that are compliant with Vaastu, here are some proactive ideas that you can adopt to design and decorate your space to attract the right energies.


1) Greenery

Increase positive vibrations with plants that detoxify the environment and emit great energy. These should also be placed strategically to encourage the flow of Prana. Approved Vaastu plants include jasmine, money, orchids, rubber and bamboo plants. Bonsai, cactus and other thorny plants must be avoided.


2) A clutter-free home

Clutter only means stagnant energy. It can impact your productivity and quality of life. The flow of energy is disrupted and an unbalanced environment is created.


3) Flowy bedroom lights

You must allow plenty of natural air and light into your bedroom. Proper ventilation always induces positive energy – open all shutters and blinds to let natural air flow through. 


More tips


Here’s how you can improve your finances:

  • Large entrances
  • More air flow, better the cash flow
  • Keep the north-east section free of clutter and obstructions
  • Leaky taps and faucets have to be fixed immediately


To ensure success:

  • Choose the northern direction for success
  • The feet must face north and your head should face the south as you lie down
  • Face north when you work
  • Ensure your study is not under a bathroom or a beam


Improve relationships:

  • Get some family pictures in the North-East section of the house
  • Ensure that the master bedroom faces the South-West direction
  • Plenty of natural light must flow into your rooms

BuildQ creates customized Vaastu compliant plans for your home, which when combined with our luxury inclusions will ensure optimal quality, design, and finish. Our expert home builders provide secure Vaastu compliant floor plans to enhance your chances of success, wealth, and well-being.