Top 5 Smart Home Ideas for an Easier Life

March 15, 2021
Top 5 Smart Home Ideas for an Easier Life

Our daily living is stressful as it is. Add children to the equation and it’s a war zone. Homeowners crave to maintain organised, comfortable and safe homes to rest and relax, but this takes a lot of time and money. Building a smart home is the latest house improvement that we can use to achieve a secured and comfortable living.

Smart Home Technology and Automation

Smart home technology and automation is a set of appliances connected to a mutual system working together. It can be remotely controlled anywhere using gadgets connected to the internet. This may include security systems, cameras, entertainment systems, lighting and others.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Convenience and energy efficient
You can activate your air-conditioning unit before you reach your home during hot weather. Motion detector connected to your lighting system will decrease energy consumption by automatically turning it on and off depending on the need. For instance, you may schedule it to automatically turn on in the evening and off during the morning when you’re not at home. The best thing is that you can control all your smart devices using a single system.

Tight security monitoring
Installation of security cameras has boomed in these past years. Recent home automation has linked security cameras to door locks and motion detectors that you can monitor, activate and deactivate using your mobile phone wherever you are in the world.

Exploit appliances feature
Smart TV can assist you in finding channels and applications that include your favourite TV program. Smart kitchen appliances such as an induction cooker will automatically decrease temperature and shut down, preventing burnt food, or worse, fire.

Smart Home Ideas

1) Electronic Locks/ Keyless Entry
Electric locks work in two ways using electromagnetic covered bolts or alteration of traditional locking systems.

Electromagnetic lock
An electromagnetic lock or maglocks uses powerful magnets that fasten to a ferromagnetic plate. This magnetic plate is assembled with fixing holes to clamp electromagnets. The addition of electrical current to an armature plate provides maximum holding force with low remanence.

Altered Traditional Lock
A traditional lock consists of a bolt that slides into the doorframe and locked by a series of pins. The key releases the pins that lock or unlocks the door. Altered traditional locks use a small computer locking system triggered by other objects like biometric scanners, RFID tags and others to lock and unlock the door. Some popular altered locks are:

  • Touch Screen Keyless Lock
    A touchscreen lock can simplify your life. Do you remember the emergency key hidden under the flowerpot? Let’s face it, keys have the habit of hiding when needed, it’s like they have a life of their own. Reduce the anxiety of daily checking and looking for your keys as you go in and out with a touchscreen keyless lock.
  • Digital Keyless Lock
    A type of locking system where you can conveniently lock and unlock your doors using the Bluetooth on your mobile phone or tablets. Digital keyless locks are equipped with a smart locking feature where you can also monitor and personalise the list of individuals who can access your door by creating and deleting user codes. Set a secure PIN code, share it with the rest of your family, and enjoy the keyless life.

  • Smartcode Deadbolt Lock
    Here is a more secure type of locking system equipped with a deadbolt. A deadbolt lock is the most secure type of locking system, fortified with a locking device that can’t be forced back into the door. These are furnished with a backlit keypad with a keyless handle set for easier access.
2) Smart Floor Waste

A smart floor waste is the latest energy-saving floor drain design that reduces energy consumption. The model includes a flagstone, rack, filter and a stainless steel compartment. The smart drain is connected to a water source, electricity, water heater and sewage, thereby reusing clean filtered water for a warm shower.

3) Actron ducted inverter air-conditioning system

Actron is the leading air-conditioning brand in Australia using an advanced airflow that saves up to 61% energy. The design uses an indoor unit connected to ceiling or wall ducts, released to air vents. It is neat and efficient, providing you with cool air without installing a visible air-conditioning unit.

4) Motion sensors downlights

Downlights are modern lighting fixtures where light is directed downwards. These are incorporated within the ceiling, making the room look spacious. The angle of the beam inside the globe determines the degree of the light projects. This gives a more focused type of lighting used in creating zones or highlighting a specific area.

Using motion-activated lights saves you money in two ways,

– LED lights consume less electricity.

– Motion sensor downlight automatically turns on and off, which lessens the tendency to leave the lights open for longer than needed.

5) Remote control garage doors

Electronic garage doors are one of the contemporary living features that combine modern appeal, added security and value to your home. Some advantages of electronic garage doors are:

Added Security
Leaving an open garage door is a broad invitation to burglars. Counter this problem by installing an electronic garage door equipped with sensors that will automatically close it after a set time. Remote control garage doors are likewise fortified with an automatic garage door lock to deadbolt the door each time you close it. Automatic garage doors are more challenging to break into than an old-fashion garage door because only the remote control device can open them.

Automatic garage doors are operated using a remote control device that can be accessed from within or outside the house. You can open the garage door whilst inside your car, which is handy, especially during the rainy season.

Wow factor
Remote controlled garage doors display a modern, technologically advanced vibe. Getting from the car and manually opening your garage door is outdated. An automatic garage door that opens without manual human intervention is just a marvel look at.

As smart home devices can make your life easy, it also comes with some danger to note. Smart home devices are mostly associated with the internet, making it vulnerable to cyber hacking. For example, a hacker can restrict a homeowner’s entrance by changing the PIN of your keyless door lock, or they can unlock your door remotely if you’re not careful.

Key Points
Smart home devices can be helpful when used correctly. It is still evolving as manufacturers continue to improve their safety features. It should not be seen as an evil device. The fact is, it is likely to grow in the years to come. Creating a balance between convenience and security is the key to a comfortable and secure home. Invest in trustworthy brands that have done a series of tests regarding the safety features of their products and claim accountability for any technological errors it may produce.

The most essential house feature is safety and convenience, starting from its foundation and built. For new homeowners, make sure to purchase a home constructed by a dependable construction group that uses only the highest quality materials and complies with the Australian and international safety standards.

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