Often Searched But Seldom Found: Special Home Features

June 25, 2020
Often Searched But Seldom Found: Special Home Features

If you’re moving into one of Sydney’s numerous suburbs, you might find house hunting a tedious process.

It can get difficult to choose where you can get a great balance between your budget and home features you’d like to have. A lot of questions can pop up, such as “should I choose a place near all the essential places but risk my comfort?”

Or ones such as “how can I get the best features for my needs and wants with the working budget I currently have?” Listings in Sydney are now starting to rise again in prices, indicating that vendors are gaining confidence that things are improving after the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Fortunately, BuildQ Group houses have standout features that will surely fit the bill.

It’s all in the plan

Real estate in Sydney can be a mixed bag – some residential areas are just not as attractive an investment as others. Likewise, builders and developers are in the same boat, with some offering less value than what BuildQ Group brings to the table.

Great properties are situated in hubs that are plentiful for basic living – schools, shops, transport stations, and medical facilities.

The Eastern and North-Eastern sections are popular areas but have high population densities. This makes properties in these areas as well as in the Central sections of Sydney expensive even for well-off individuals. Families that are looking for space may not find one that is easily affordable.

On the other hand, select suburbs in the West, North-West, and South-West areas have lots of residential areas that are quickly rising in terms of value. These areas have more space with easy access to amenities. BuildQ’s top selections include properties found in these new star districts such as The Ponds, Marsden Park, Riverstone, Caddens, and more.The best part of BuildQ’s house plans are in the feature-rich inclusions we incorporate to our projects which have elements clients can customise to their liking.

Elegant designs for sophisticated lifestyles

BuildQ’s custom design offers are a showcase of flexibility in pricing and great service. We value our customer’s insights on how their dream home should look like. They can specify how the rooms can be laid out, what elements should be present in a place, etc.

For starters, we offer a 2.75m ceiling height for our quality standard inclusion package. Ceiling height is essential in keeping rooms cool in summer and also offers more space for light and ventilation. Of course, it also gives a bigger sense of scale and allows further styling. We give customers extra space for their pleasure, higher than the standard number given by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Not all builders can offer custom elements and designs. We at BuildQ Group offer a good balance between our design principles and our clients’ inputs. Customers can choose from a wide range of floor tile designs and timber flooring.

They can also choose from a variety of tile or metal roofing, fascia, and gutters to their liking. Future homeowners who are not so versed with home designs can also consult our resident experts and project managers for great suggestions to fit their aesthetic tastes.

Quality features for upscale living

We deliver more than just the basic inclusions with every project. A lot of families have probably encountered problems while searching for a great home that can fit a modest budget. Things such as mismatched designs and barebones construction leave a lot to be desired.

Some of our inclusions include extra precautions against the elements and harmful pests. We employ a special wall wrapping and Australian standard AS3660.1 termite pest protection to critical structural points. Windows are aluminium powder-coated, and come with key locks clients can customise with colours.

Walls and ceilings also equipped with Gyprock-lined plasterboards. In combination with earthwool, fire rated seals, and fire blankets, these materials keep damaging heat at bay in the event of a fire. It is an incredibly important feature for safety.

BuildQ only uses the best materials with a long guaranteed lifespan and strength. Our projects include using bricks, a timeless yet classy material that can withstand the test of time and nature. We use face bricks from Austral – a trusted brand in bricks. Customers can choose from several ranges available such as Highlands, Wilderness, Townhouse, and PGH-Elements.

All our projects also include garages – and we’re bringing garage features one notch up too. We provide motorised garage doors in standard colourbond colours.

Even our outdoor elements have a touch of sophistication. Homeowners who want a portico or al fresco place to chill with friends or family can have 600x300mm tile choices from BuildQ’s selection range.

Premium elements often sought but seldom found

Oftentimes, there are items in home and land packages or residential construction projects that are looked for but developers and builders rarely offer.

These can range from simple amenities such as quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, or additional construction features such as shelves and drawers. Features like this are usually absent on budget properties or are charged for a hefty premium.

BuildQ uses a high quality coat system to all internal walls and gloss paint finish to all internal woodwork to keep them looking good for years. Aside from this, we also provide a layer of R3.0 insulation for ceilings and R2.0 wall insulation, helping keep you and your loved ones comfortably warm in colder months.

You might think this is all good already, but where we shine the most are with our pre-included appliances and key features.

For the kitchen, we at BuildQ install quality stone from our standard selection range, partnered with a polyurethane cabinetry that customers can colour to their liking. As a plus, we include an overhead cupboard and soft-close drawers, and a designer mixer tap that customers can also choose from several varieties.

We also equip kitchens with durable Westinghouse or Technika appliances. New home owners in particular don’t have to worry about having to buy a range or similar appliances when they move in. Those who have previously owned homes with separate ranges don’t need to include their old kitchen equipment in the moving van, too.

Our pre-included appliances comprise of electric ovens, stainless steel cooktops, canopy rangehoods, and stainless steel dishwashers. You can cook right away on day one of moving and enjoy a great meal with your family or friends.

In addition, BuildQ includes posh features for bathrooms and ensuites. Floors and walls are covered in elegant tiles that customers can choose to their style preferences from BuildQ’s tile portfolio. Wall tiles reach up to the ceiling, creating an air of luxury for anyone entering.

We also equip baths with freestanding designer tubs with luxury bath spouts, as well as handheld showers. The shower area is also framed in classy semi-frameless screen with pivot door and safety glass. On top of that, the vanity area is designed to look grand with frameless mirrors, with the vanity bowl partnered with 20mm stone.

Bathrooms and ensuites are also constructed with smart floor wastes. We also apply waterproofing to all wet areas in perfect compliance to BCA requirements keeping your bathroom safe from leaks.

The bedroom is an area we take special care in building to maximise comfort. We equip all bedrooms with customised built-in wardrobes and shelves, so you can store clothes and other personals right away.

In addition, we add timber laminated flooring to bedrooms, giving off a very homey feel perfect for an atmosphere of relaxation and rest.

When it comes to comfort, BuildQ doesn’t cut any corners. New customers can now enjoy a ducted inverter air-conditioning system. Even Sydney suburbs can get pretty hot or cold at times, with wild variations that would warrant having an air conditioner more of a need than a want.


Home builders vary in the things they offer to their customers. Some create packages for value while others push the bar in terms of quality and sophistication. BuildQ on the other hand strives to create a harmonious balance between excellence and market competitiveness. The sure thing we want to deliver is a great house our clients can appreciate.

We do this because we believe in the investment of trust they give to us, more than anything else. At BuildQ, living is not just about having a roof over your head – it’s about how better you can live your life at home.

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