Single Storey, Double Storey, or Duplex Home? What Type of House Should You Buy

October 8, 2021
Single Storey, Double Storey, or Duplex Home? What Type of House Should You Buy

There are lots of things to consider when buying a house and one of those is the type of property you’ll purchase. With apartments, single, double-storey, duplex and more to choose from, how do you even decide from there? While there’s no one size fits all answer to this, there are some factors that might help with your decision. We run those down as well as some types of properties in this blog.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Type of Home

1) Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will always be the first thing to look at when you’re buying a house. If you’re a family guy who wants enough space for each member, you may opt for a single or double home. Meanwhile, duplex homes may be the perfect choice for generational families who want to live together while still enjoying their own privacy.

2) Your Budget

Need we say more? Your budget will always influence your purchasing decisions. In general, single homes are mostly less expensive than duplex or even double houses. As a result, choosing a smaller home may save you money and result in a reduced mortgage. They may, however, offer less potential for capital growth than a larger house.

3) Your Future Plans

Are you buying a property as an investment? Or are you planning to sell your home in the future for a bigger property? If so, buying a single, double or duplex home is the best choice. This is because the land on which detached dwellings are built appreciates over time. Renovations, additions, or a rebuild also have a larger potential to increase the value of a home. And if you’re looking for extra income while you live in the property, you can buy a duplex and rent the other house.

Popular Types of Properties

1) Single or Double Storey Homes

Single or double homes located in fast growing suburbs are ideal for families or those who are planning to retire. The environment is friendly, and usually, they’re also near schools and business districts, and you can customise your home based on your wants and needs. Plus, they’re a great investment if ever you’re planning to sell your property in the future. However, as you might have expected it, single and double homes are more costly than your regular apartment and may require constant upkeep.

3) Duplex

Duplex is probably the best choice for those looking to have a beautiful home to settle and to have another for extra income. Building a duplex allows you to maximise your land without subdividing it, helping reduce build costs compared to building two separate homes, while at the same time lowering your stamp duty, holding fees, council rates and insurance fees. It also increases tax depreciation and promises high return on investment, helping you build equity.

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