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Quality Inclusions

Our homes not only look incredible – they’re also built to last. We offer 6 years structural guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our state-of-the-art finish with high-quality premium inclusions make us stand out from offers by other builders.


  • Your TRUST in us is our treasure. Here at BuildQ, Our custom home builders in The Ponds, Sydney, Schofields are focused on your vision and make it our sacred commitment to attain our client’s delight.
  • You are assured of a safe and secure home that complies with Australian and international safety standards.
  • Your DREAM HOME is our cherished project. Our custom home builders ensure that you can communicate your needs and ideas and our dedicated team of architects, engineers, and personnel will build it wholeheartedly.
  • BuildQ been in business for more than ten years and have finished hundreds of custom home construction projects in The Ponds, Sydney and Schofields successfully.
  • Our premium inclusions give you more than just basic functions – we love to make sure your years of living in your new home is comfortable and hassle-free.
  • The custom home building experts at BiuldQ use only top-quality materials to create a long-lasting, durable, and beautiful exterior that will keep you warm in winters and let you relax in hot summers.
  • You can monitor the progress of your home construction any time, and we will duly inform you of inspections, site visits, and other opportunities to check on the work in progress.
  • Our expert home builders in the Ponds, Schofields, and Sydney assure you of an anesthetic and complete finish that spans every room and every corner of the house. From bedrooms to bathrooms, and even open spaces – all designed and built for your pleasure.
  • We’re growing our presence as a construction project management company starting from the Sydney area – and we will continue to expand in the coming years.
  • We value what’s on your mind. Our custom home builders in the Ponds and Schofields will make sure we are in good communication in every step of the process, so you are fully informed and updated.
  • We keep our teams of workers safe and sound on the site at all times – making sure they’re properly equipped, and work within recommended hours, and are treated with respect.
  • Timely delivery is our mantra and goal. You can be sure we will build you your new house with utmost punctuality and professionalism.
  • Our custom home builders in the Ponds offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 6-year structural guarantee. That’s our promise – and we stay true to our word.

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