Popular Modern Home Features to Consider for Your Dream Home

August 27, 2021
Popular Modern Home Features to Consider for Your Dream Home

What is your dream home like? Although classic houses will never go out of style, it’s always nice to add some contemporary touch to your home. It’s a popular choice for home builders and buyers, and it maximises technology and classic design for comfortable living. Wondering if this popular choice is also for you? We’ve rounded up some popular modern home features that you might want to consider for your dream home.

Open floor plan

Among the common features of a contemporary home is having an open floor plan. Contrary to older houses where they maximise space by cramming up as many rooms in a floor, open floor plans veer away from having too many enclosed rooms. Open floor plans highlight the space by limiting the use of walls and connecting different areas (for example, kitchen, living and lounge). However, each area may still have separate transitions such as different lighting and colour to define the space.

one floor plan

Aside from its aesthetic value, open floor plans are also great for homeowners who love hosting family or friends gathering. Open floor plans provide ample space for everyone in a single floor. And should a time come when you decide to sell your home, you’ll be assured that open floor plans are more saleable than those with closed spaces.

Light, airy rooms

Most modern houses allow natural light to freely flow into a room. They either have high ceilings, huge panel windows or skylights to let light in. Bright rooms create an illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. Plus, it helps improve the mood of the occupant.

Bare, simple floors

While old classic houses have extravagant floor tiles with different floor tiles, modern homes are minimalistic and relaxed. Modern homes have bare floors with elegant finishes that may be made of hardwoods or ceramic tiles. Most homeowners just use area rugs to provide comfort underfoot and to function as a home decor as well.

Simple Floors

Smart home features

One big detail that sets apart a modern home from the rest is technology. A modern home is a smart home. Meaning, it has features that make someone’s life easier. For example, modern homes typically have built-in alarm systems, ducted inverter air conditioning systems, and other sensors.

Large kitchen islands

Kitchen is and has always been one of the most favourite parts of the house for many homeowners. It’s a place where you can experiment with your recipes, bond with family, and share happy memories. With it, the emphasis on aesthetically-pleasing kitchens is on the rise. Open plan kitchens with modern, large islands are favoured over simple, closed kitchens that allow little movement. Kitchens with smart storage systems are also preferred.


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