Lockdown-friendly Homes: Home Design Trends Influenced by the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 9, 2021
Lockdown-friendly Homes: Home Design Trends Influenced by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic changed our relationship with our homes. From a simple resting place after a long, tiring day outside, our houses transitioned to almost everything – an office, gym, entertainment area, a space where we can experiment, and more! While restrictions slowly ease and countries reopen, many people believe that we will continue to rely on our homes and home-work spaces. This is why if you’re planning to build a custom home or renovate your property, it is wise to consider these design trends influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1) More adaptable floor plans

While open floor plans are extremely beautiful and popular, designers believe that a mix of both open living spaces and traditional, closed floor plans will be a go-to to have clear distinctions between spaces. Open floor plans will be great for entertainment and living spaces as well as the kitchen. However, traditional floor plans may be favoured for work spaces to set some boundaries from work life and home life. It will also be desirable to have designated spaces for a greater number of specific activities, such as reading, napping, physical activity, and entertainment.

2) Work From Home-ready space

While things are looking to go back to normal, many people also enjoy the flexibility of working from home, so this may be accounted for when planning for custom homes. When the pandemic started, many people became creative and turned a portion of their bedrooms or dining tables into a work area. However, homebuyers, custom home builders and those looking to renovate their homes know better and may opt for a design that accommodates designated work space. This will empower homeowners to be more productive even while working from home.

3) Smart kitchen

With more individuals opting to stay at home, the importance of kitchens in houses has increased as well. According to a home design trends report released by Epiphany, pantries are going to be necessary as more people strive to make fewer trips to the store. Because of the rise of the hands-free mindset, smart kitchen design will also become more prominent.

4) Alfresco entertainment area

With people cooped up in their homes during the lockdowns, the demand for alfresco or outdoor areas has soared. Being able to enjoy the outdoors from your own home has become extremely useful, and many individuals want to guarantee that they can reproduce this in their future house plans. Thus, many home hunters are now looking for houses with greater emphasis on outdoor spaces, with central courtyards and a more seamless indoor-outdoor design approach.

5) Natural light and air purification systems

Another home design trend that has become more popular during the pandemic is having more avenues for natural light to flow into homes. Families are more concerned with building a home that can adapt for winter sun, summer sun, and general orientation. This trend is useful to many homeowners since natural light is proven to improve mood and reduce stress. Plus, it helps homeowners save up on electricity while working from home.

In addition to lighting, ventilation has also become more important. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest in air purification systems has grown alongside standard air conditioning systems to improve the air quality in their homes.

A home should be a place where you feel comfortable and secured

Aside from the pandemic, there are regular threats that surround a home including intruders, accidents such as fire, harsh weather and other environmental threats. So while it’s nice to pay attention to the home design trends, it is equally important to build a home that will protect you from almost anything. Make sure to factor in aesthetics, your needs, and security when building a custom home for you and your family. After all, a home should be a shelter from all types of threats.

Ready to get started on building a secure, lockdown-friendly home?

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