Knock Down and Rebuild: What is It and What to Expect During the Process

November 16, 2021
Knock Down and Rebuild: What is It and What to Expect During the Process

If you’re a homeowner, you may find yourself outgrowing your current home and wanting to keep up with your changing needs without moving anywhere or changing locations. Or perhaps, you may have inherited a home from your parents and want to change things up, or you’re tired of doing countless renovation projects only to end up with more fixes waiting for your attention. Those situations are totally understandable. And fortunately, there are options for you in Australia such as going for a knock down and rebuild.

What is a knock down and rebuild?

Knock down and rebuild involves demolishing your current property to rebuild a new home in the exact same land and location. It is a perfect solution for families who want a new home without moving their property or for any situations we’ve mentioned earlier.

BuildQ Group offers this solution for all types of homeowners. We understand that moving out of your current home involves a lot of hassle, so we let you achieve and have your brand new home without having to leave your current location that you may have fallen in love with. You can always talk to us to get the process started but in the meantime, allow us to give you an idea of the usual knock down and rebuild process.

1) Getting everything ready: permits and approvals

Before setting out to pull down your current home, it is important to check with your local council if they allow knockdown and rebuild projects. Some suburbs may have strict rules regarding knock down and rebuild, so it’s best to talk to them personally about the permits you will need, more information about your land, zoning and other limitations that you may encounter. You want the process to be as smooth as possible so start right and eliminate any interference that you may encounter from your local council.

While you’re getting everything ready, you may want to start speaking with a trusted builder such as BuildQ Group to help you through the process. Plus, your local council may ask questions regarding your plans and your builder so it’s best to seek advice as early as possible.

2) Laying the groundwork: Testing and inspection

Once you’ve confirmed that knock down and rebuild is possible in your area, your chosen builder will conduct a thorough site inspection which may include soil testing, evaluating the foundation of the site, and assessing any risks involved.

3) Seeing a glimpse of your new home: Choosing your new home design

Now that your site has been tested, the fun part begins – finalising your home design. Your chosen builder should be attentive enough to your needs and wants to help you achieve your dream home. At the same time, they should be knowledgeable and experienced to provide you with expert advice and even home design inspirations from their previous projects.

4) Pulling apart to make way for something new: demolition

By this time, you should have got your permits settled. A demolition specialist will arrange the demolition of your new home so your builder can build your new home soon. During the demolition process, all waste materials should be removed and these may include metal, glass, concrete and more. If you’re lucky, there are demolition specialists that offer to recycle house materials.

5) Your new dream home achieved

Once your house has been pulled apart, the building process begins! Make sure that you choose a reputable builder such as BuildQ Group to ensure that your new home will be a hundred folds better than how your house used to be. This way, you will need not renovate anytime soon and you’ll be able to save costs on fixes. After all, that’s one of the benefits of doing a knock down and rebuild: it’s more reasonably priced than extensive renovations.

Knock down and rebuild with BuildQ

BuildQ Group is a trusted home builder with over 550 projects completed. Our client’s delight is our pleasure and we make sure that we’re able to build you a home that is not only lovely, but also built to last. We offer a 6-year structural guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our state-of-the-art finish with high-quality premium inclusions make us stand out from offers by other builders.

We also listen to our clients’ needs and guide them in every step of the way. Let us be your partner in your next knock down and rebuild project. Contact us today.


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