How to Choose the Right Builder for Your Dream Home?

April 22, 2021
How to Choose the Right Builder for Your Dream Home?

First up, congratulations on taking the first step in building your custom dream home in New South Wales. Have you spent hours looking for house designs and made a few sketches of your own and are now in the stage of finding the right builder? Then, my friend, you have come to the right place. 

Choosing the right builder for your home is crucial, especially for first-time homeowners. Chances are you plan to live there for an extended period, and you are shedding a considerable amount of cash to create a haven for you and your family. Collaborating with the right home builder will lessen the stress and anxiety that comes with house construction and design. It is essential to choose a builder that can meet your specific needs. Partnering with the wrong builder may result in unnecessary stress like delays and additional expenses.

When is The Best Time to Choose a Builder?

The best time to choose a builder is during the design stage. It assures that your allotted finances are aligned with your house design. Your builder can also provide you with options and estimate on preliminary plans and orient you with potential construction issues regarding your chosen house design before construction.

Factors to Consider in a Builder

1. Builder’s experience

Experience in the construction business is vital in choosing a home builder. Hands-on experiences are the best way to know what works and what’s not. Knowledge gained from experience is far more valuable than in theory. Years in the construction industry have equipped the building company with solutions to everyday construction bumps on the get-go that lessens mistakes, saving you money from reconstructions. This also assures the timely completion of projects.

Another advantage with an experienced builder is that they can help you choose the right house design that can last a long time. A professional builder in Sydney or New South Wales will accommodate your plan and take it to the next level with features perfect for your lifestyle and needs. Therefore, choose a company that knows what they are doing.


2. Ask for a Portfolio/Credentials from Past Projects.

Requiring a portfolio of past works is a deciding factor if the builder is trustworthy or not. Building a house is no joke, especially if you are faced with the horrors brought about by hiring inexperienced builders. You may encounter a builder that offers their service and packages at a lower price but will suddenly surprise you with a sudden budget change in the middle of construction or, worse, leave an unfinished project.

An established construction company should be able to provide you with examples of their previous work. You’ll be able to have an insight into the quality of their work and gain additional ideas on home features that you may also want to incorporate in your new house.

In Australia, a builder must be a licensed professional with a broad knowledge of construction, produce cost estimates, read plans, manage the building process, and obtain necessary permits. The builder ensures that the structure follows the local, state and national regulations. He must have a safety induction certificate, a relevant degree and licensed by the state where he works.


3. Look for Reputable Builders Through Feedbacks and Reviews.

“I am just thrilled with my beautiful house. Once the building started, it went along at a good pace. There was not one day of pain throughout the build. The staff were very supportive & helpful, happy to assist in all situations. The finished product was really good. The home I got, “This is what I dream for.”

– Dhiren Patel (Feedback from a BuildQ Client)

Positive feedback, as cited above, is an excellent way to gauge how reputable the builder or building company is. Reading both positive and negative reviews from previous clients will give you a preview of the builder’s strengths and weaknesses and the company’s ability in assisting their clients’ needs and wants.


4. Quality assurance and inclusions

Your builder must use top-quality materials. Choose a builder that prioritises quality over cost. This means that they are serious about building high-quality projects, providing a safe and durable home for you. We at BuildQ use quality materials and money-saving inclusions such as:

a. Timber frame and trusses to Australian standards AS 1684

AS 1684 is a four-part Australian standard focusing on design, building practices, bracing and timber framing. This ensures that the materials and building practice follows the building code standards set by the Australian technical committee. We at BuildQ only use Australian approved materials designed for durability for strong home structures.

b. Timber flooring with a range of AC4 laminate systems for durable and long-lasting floors

An AC4 laminate rating is suitable for moderate traffic typically used in small commercial establishments like cafes and retail stores. An AC4 grade direct pressure laminate is durable, smooth and soft to touch and is a grade above a standard AC3 laminate used in residential homes. Note that a higher mark is 60x more durable but gives a cloudier appearance. Therefore using the AC4 rating is a step up in quality whilst providing pleasing aesthetics compared to an AC5 laminate used in high traffic commercial stores with an abrasive surface.

c. R4.0 ceiling and R2.0 wall insulation for temperature control

Wall and ceiling insulation prevents heat from oozing in and out of your home during summer or winter. R4.0 insulation is considered one of the best materials for Australian homes. R4.0 reduces up to 40% heat-flow, while R2.0 insulation can save you up to 20% on cooling and heating cost.

d. Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks are a way for Australian homeowners to save on water bills. It is used as an alternative water supply beneficial during water restrictions. Rainwater tanks are also helpful in preserving the environmental flows of rivers and reduce local flooding. You can use the water collected from rainwater tanks for domestic use except for drinking and cooking. The health departments recommend filtered, disinfected and fluoridated water provided by the public water supply for drinking and cooking purposes.

Builder Warranty

Your builder must provide a written warranty that protects you from financial loss from structural defects resulting from poor construction that occurs after a few months or years after construction. A building company that can offer a builder warranty is confident of their work, giving you peace of mind that your home is built to last for years to come.

Why Should You Choose BuildQ as your Builder?

– Our 6 years in the construction industry is a testament to the quality of houses and services we have provided.

– You are assured of a safe and secure home that complies with Australian and international safety standards.

– We’ve been in business for more than ten years and have finished hundreds of projects successfully

– We use only top-quality materials to create a long-lasting, durable and beautiful exterior that will keep you warm in winters and let you relax in hot summers.

– BuildQ offers a 6-year structural guarantee.

We are BuildQ Group – builders you can TRUST.

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