How to Choose a Construction Project Management Company for Your Dream House

August 20, 2021
How to Choose a Construction Project Management Company for Your Dream House

Buying your dream home, especially if it’s your first home, is a big deal. You’ve waited for it, saved up for it, and dreamed about it for years. So you only deserve the best experience throughout the home buying or building journey. Good thing, there are construction project management companies in Sydney, Schofields, The Ponds, Marsden Park and New South Wales that can help you along the way. Choose the right construction management company and see your dream house unfold into a reality with ease. To help you with it, we’ve compiled some tips on how to choose the best construction project management company for your dream home, especially in Sydney, Australia.

Proven Track Record: Number of Projects Completed/Portfolio

When you buy something online, how do you know that the product is of high quality? You check the testimonials, right? On top of your list to check when evaluating a home construction project management company should be the firm’s portfolio? How many successful construction projects have they completed? Do they have a portfolio that shows their work? An established construction management company should be able to show these. Building a custom home is no joke so make sure to only work with those with proven track records.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: Skilled Team with In-depth Knowledge

Just as no man is an island, no one can build a house with just one person doing all the work. You’ll need to work with a skilled team of construction experts in Sydney to make sure that your house will be built to last.

For example, at BuildQ Group, we have a team of construction project managers, architects, engineers and other specialists all working together to understand our client’s vision. They communicate well with our client to get an accurate picture of what they want, and then execute plans accordingly.

However, that doesn’t stop there. For us at BuildQ Group, we believe that a team can work well only if they are treated well. We make sure that our home builders are safe and sound on the site at all times. We also make sure that they’re properly equipped, and they only work within recommended hours and are treated with respect.

A Pleasure to Work With: Excellent Customer Service

No matter how knowledgeable a construction company may be, the experience won’t be smooth without excellent customer service. During your first touchpoint with a home construction project management company, observe how they treat you. Are you pleased with their treatment? Are they able to effectively communicate even the most complex concepts? Remember that customer service can make or break your home buying or building experience. Work with a firm with excellent customer service to experience a hassle-free journey.

For instance at BuildQ Group, we train our representatives to make sure that they’re able to let our clients know of every step of the process. And as mentioned, our project managers also listens to our clients as it is a highly important facet of the communication process.

Built to Last: Quality Inclusions and Warranty

You don’t want to spend a good fortune on a house only to end up with lots of things to renovate a year later. Make sure that you only work with a construction project management company that uses top-quality materials. Choose a construction firm that prioritises quality over cost. This means that they are serious about building high-quality projects, providing a safe and durable home for you.

We at BuildQ use quality construction materials and money-saving inclusions, and to give our clients some peace of mind, we also offer a 6-year structural guarantee.

Look no further: Work with BuildQ

Experience, check. Quality, check. Customer service, check! We are BuildQ Group, one of the most trusted home construction project management companies in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, we have completed over 500 new home construction projects – all of which are highly satisfactory. (Just take a look at our testimonials here). Don’t just leave your home building project to anyone. Work with BuildQ Group.

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