How to Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking The Bank?

January 12, 2021
How to Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking The Bank?

You don’t need to break your bank account to upgrade your property value. And of course, no owner would want to pay a massive amount to transform a house, especially if they’re planning to sell it anyway. 

The good news is, there are easy and affordable tricks to transform your place whether you are trying to sell your property, adding it into the market list or want to improve your home. Learn how to raise your home’s value with these simple and practical ways within budget.

Deep clean and declutter

Most of the time, changing the look of your home doesn’t require a complete overhaul. For instance, a house cluttered with furniture and extra items can look smaller than its actual size. 

If your house is still in good condition and you’re not in a hurry to sell or renovate it for personal use, you may consider decluttering and deep cleaning first. Try selling items that you no longer need and that occupy space then voila, your home will look tidy and spacious. If you’re feeling generous enough and have some extra money to spare, you can also give away these items to your friends or relatives. Getting rid of your excess possessions is a better option than renting more storage units to organise your household content. 

Then once you’re down decluttering, deep clean your home one room at a time until it looks brand new. Aside from deep cleaning, consider repainting the walls. 

Identify your needs first

House renovation isn’t a small task that happens in a blink. It requires a budget and a lot of work. Plus, you have to consider that your home should reflect your dreams, investments and needs. It would be best if you have a plan to go accordingly before doing either a minor or major upgrade. 

To start, pen down all your needs and the estimated amount you need to achieve your goal. Do you need to extend your kitchen, add a tub to your spacious bathroom or need open shelving? Write it all down and prioritise them. After you’ve sorted out everything you need for your home and you still have some budget, why not list down your wants next and then plan accordingly?

Plan your budget

We’ve mentioned budget planning earlier, so let’s discuss this in detail. 

When planning the amount you’re willing to spend for your home renovation, make sure to only work within your means. Check your savings or any other income sources and see how much you can use for a home upgrade. Going beyond your means could lead you to unnecessary debts and loans. 

Once you’ve figured out your needs and wants for your home and the amount you’re willing to spend, your next move should be to research and plan on the specific amount you would need for each work. Make sure to budget for unpredictable or unexpected costs. Let’s face it. Home improvement projects can encounter hurdles and complications. You would need a buffer, so save some amount for the little adjustments you might need along the way.

Have a timeline

Whether you’re looking to sell your property soon or not, it’s best to have a timeline to keep everyone on the same page. If you’re only aiming for some minor fixes or updates, two weeks to a month should be enough.

If you’re selling your property, you may have to include marketing in your timeline. Putting out neat and appealing marketing images and videos of your property on the market would help showcase the value of your home.

Prioritise fixes

You may have included this in your list of needs, but just in case, make sure to revisit your property. Check for issues that may need some fixing or maintenance.

Older houses may already have wear and tear problems. Addressing these repairs and maintenance issues will add value to your property.


Your appliances could add value to your home or upgrade its look. Consider adding them in and whenever possible, match them with the look of your house. Matching the appliances with your home is one of the ways to give it a sleek vibe.

Curb appeal

The exterior of your house has the vital task of creating the first impression on your buyers. So if you’re planning to sell your home, add value by improving its exterior appearance. 

Why not try to install a stone walkway from your driveway to your front door and add a small nursery along the way? You can also consider painting the window trims and front door to make a big difference to your home’s look.

Start upgrading

Now that you have a clear idea about adding value to your home follow the mentioned steps and upgrade accordingly. Just be sure to stick to your budget, timeline and prioritise fixes and your needs.

Contact your trusted builders for help

If you’re having any trouble, it is always a good practice to seek help from experts to prevent any issues with your plan or home renovation.

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