Home Designs You Should Look For in Australian Residences

May 31, 2021
Home Designs You Should Look For in Australian Residences

Being cooped up this past year has made us realise the importance of space and home design. The balance of trendy and functional home design can affect our daily lives. The right home features can be a source of inspiration, empowerment, positive experience, and all in all, an enjoyable holistic experience. A beautifully designed interior is like the icing on the cake, enhancing the beauty and efficient use of space. With the specific weather conditions in Australia, some residential home features are recommended taking advantage of outdoor space.

With indoor and outdoor home designs in mind, here are home design ideas you can include for modern-looking well-designed homes.

Balcony/Glass Balustrade

A balcony is an excellent safety and aesthetic home feature extending uniting your indoor and outdoor space. For small areas, a terrace, no matter the size, is a cosy home extension you can use to relax and enjoy the open air in the comfort of your home.

Balustres are mainly used as protection against falls. This is why you have to ensure that heavy-duty materials for your safety and comfort secure your balcony.

Glass baluster is getting more attention in many Australian homes due to its clean and timeless design. For home upgrades, using a glass baluster increases your home value. Unlike traditional balcony wood or metal railings, glass is unobtrusive, space-saving and creates a seamless class pleasing to the eyes. For indoor use, glass panes create an illusion of an expansive atmosphere. Glass panes are not limited to balconies. These are also used on stairs and other home partitions. Due to its transparent property, glass efficiently creates the necessary division without making the interior look restricted.

A common misconception is that glass panes are delicate and easily broken, making them a hazard. However, toughened/tempered glasses are used in modern baluster. These are highly durable, undergoing special treatment, making them resistant to shattering. These also come in a different style: from frames, semi-framed to frameless depending on its use. For balconies, glass balusters are paired with highly durable stainless steel rails.

Stainless steel rails complement glass balustrades with regards to maintenance and appeal. High-quality stainless steel railings are also durable and non-reactive. Steel is easy to clean, as it has a self-healing capacity resisting rust and corrosion. It is also highly pleasing to the eyes, providing a modern look.

Patio or Alfresco Space

Whether you love throwing a barbecue party or just want to have a quiet time enjoying the outdoors, having a patio or alfresco is a home feature to consider. Similar to having a balcony, a patio or alfresco home feature increases the house value. Let’s identify the difference between the two. A deck is an outdoor portion attached to the roof space. An alfresco, on the other hand, has no connection from the home structure. It is a new home extension creating a connected appearance by placing a roof under the main roofing.

Adding a patio or alfresco outdoor dining area maximises the use of available space connecting your living area to the outdoors. This is a supplementary place to spend time with your family, especially during summer breaks and the kids at home. This is also an ideal space to entertain guests, making the most out of the outdoors. The need for a roofed outdoor extension is becoming a norm due to the rapid shift of weather that is a hassle, especially at a house party.

Feature Walls

Featured or accent walls are generally included in home design for their aesthetics. This livens the space breaking monotony of neutral colours used on modern houses. You can opt to incorporate a grand and bold or subtle appearance depending on your theme and personality.

Factors like the use of accurate space and complementary colours are essential in the execution and success of accent walls. Artistically using colours and patterns is a better option than bold and grand patterns that look messy and out of place. An accent wall is used to define a room suitable for interconnecting open spaces. The difference in wall design optically hints at a change of scene. Feature walls are not recommended for tiny residential homes and cluttered areas because they will only highlight the limited space.

Plasterboard Ceiling and Walls with Coved Cornice

Plasterboard is a versatile and most widely used material in the home interior ceiling and walls due to its various advantages and use. Used in suspended ceilings, wall claddings, dry finishes and as a part of the fire protection system.

A plasterboard ceiling creates an acoustic sound. A highly flexible and elastic material that is easy to install, cost-effective and fire-resistant. It is also the material of choice to hide wiring and ducting.

Brittle and easy to damage is commonly associated with plasterboard. However, nowadays, there are toughened options like 10mm and 13mm thick plasterboards with increased strength while being lightweight. 

A cove cornice is the small protruding structure on edges that connects the wall and the ceiling. Mainly for a final artistic touch, cove cornice makes the room seem more extensive.

Home Designs by the BuildQ Group

When it comes to building homes, BuildQ includes home features that matter. We use space-saving, functional, premium quality materials for long-lasting and comfortable home living for you and your family. Constructing highly efficient and valuable homes with top-notch features for a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Some home features we include are:

– Balcony as per design finished with glass balustrades and steel rail

– Portico and alfresco choice

– Feature walls

– Plasterboard lining to walls and ceilings

Are you looking to build a home that lasts? Build with us! We make it our business to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and housing needs. We offer single-storey, double-storey, and duplex designs for your housing needs, as well as Project Management services. For more info, please visit our website or email us at build@buildqgroup.com.au.

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