Home Designs: Are House and Land Packages Worth it?

June 7, 2020
Home Designs: Are House and Land Packages Worth it?

Are all homes built equally?

Yes in terms of standards, but in terms of investment quality, they’re not. 

For real estate matters especially in populated areas such as Sydney, you have to be more discerning with features that developers and builders showcase in their display shops and websites.

You probably know that buying a home should be done with more thought, since you’ll be investing in something that should ideally last a lifetime. But how do you know if they are worth your investment?

It’s only logical to know first the factors you should consider before you say “this property is the one I’ll invest my hard-earned money in.” 

We at the BuildQ Group know how much your money is worth, so we offer you a guide on which designs and packages will give you the most advantage for every dollar spent.

The basics

Many real estate companies and construction firms in Sydney and The Ponds usually have an active and updated website where you can browse their properties or planned projects ahead of a visit. It’s best to see the specifications of their properties such as land and floor area, number of bedrooms, baths, and other rooms online for a preview.

For starters, home designs usually come in three standard varieties by storey or levels – Single, Double, or Dual Occupancy/Duplex. Single-storey houses have only one level and Double or two-storey houses have two floor levels. Dual Occupancy/Duplex houses are characterised as two houses with separate amenities sharing a single firewall.

After that, designs can vary a lot – after all, part of a house’s beauty comes from the aesthetic sense. 

So let’s take into consideration factors that can affect your living first.

Choose a house that fits your family size or estimated number in the future. Always think ahead so that you won’t end up having too small a house, or too big.

Next comes fundamental elements of a house.

Firstly, you’d want a house with a properly laid-out power, water, and sewerage system. Check out photos of the property or plan if anything in the design looks unusual or far from your preferred style. 

Switches, outlets, faucets, and drainage points might be trivial at first sight, but in the long run this will matter to your convenience too. 

Bad designs can lead to accidents such as fire, clogging of pipes, improper drainage, and so on. They’re a big hassle to everyday life but are all preventable if the house is well-designed and built.

Second, check the layout and quality. If the house is already constructed, the next step would be to see it for yourself with a site visit. You’ll have a real-world assessment if it’s worth buying for you and your family. 

When on a site visit, take note of the house’s construction quality. It should be polished and not shoddy, with main parts like walls, ceilings, and floors straight and not bumpy. There should also be no cracks, leaks, and parts jutting out suspiciously like metal bars or stone. 

And then we come to the next most important but also a basic part: financing.

So you finally made enough for a down payment. If this is your first time to buy a home (especially if you’re purchasing in New South Wales), you might want to check out some schemes that can help you secure a new home.

Buying land and building a house on it separately can be a tedious process that would require a lot of documents and takes a lot of time.

The BuildQ Group offers pre-constructed houses sold with the land, ready for you to move in. Alternatively, you can also opt to just get land and custom-build your house with us. We have great house and land packages that can give you a sigh of relief.

We believe in giving the best choices, after all. So what makes these packages so great? 

House and Land Packages Sydney

One of the best things with house and land packages in Sydney and The Ponds is their fixed prices – there’s only one set of numbers to remember for payment. You don’t need to worry about being called for funds in the middle of construction or just before turnover due to underquoting.  

Typical house packages include a fully-fitted house with all the amenities readied for your convenience, so all you need to do after is move in. It is essential to know that custom home builders have different inclusions, some of which may have better offers than others.

BuildQ’s turnkey projects all include more than one bedroom and provide ample space for living and accessory areas. Our custom home builders in Sydney construct spaces with family living in mind – making sure areas are built for the comfort and ease of its inhabitants.

When checking out the house and land packages in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, take note of the following things:

  • Location

Sometimes prices may vary due to the property’s location – those located in “prime” areas are of course a bit more costly to purchase than those in other places. 

However, these price premiums are also usually tied to some benefits. For example, the area of the property is situated close to community needs and transport hubs, such as schools, shops, and bus or train stations. 

It would be better of course to be located somewhere near to any of these, and the cost for land and development in such areas are also higher for developers and custom home builders. 

In the west, northwest, southern, and other suburban areas of Sydney, investments and housing values are estimated to rise by 5% or more within 2020 and the next few months after.

On the other hand, this would mean that the value of your home (or investment, should you choose to buy the property to have it rented out) will only increase in the future, making it a stunning investment opportunity if you purchase a property in select Sydney suburbs.

The BuildQ Group has lots of prime real estate in The Ponds, Marsden Park, Schofields, and other valuable Sydney areas you can choose from, and all close to educational institutions, stations, and shopping malls. 

  • Inclusions

As stated above, inclusions may differ from one builder to another. It also plays a good part in the final price of the property. While it’s great to have features preinstalled in your home, you might not need all of them – or perhaps prefer something else.

Standard inclusions should come with items from pre-construction to turnover.

This includes: Site inspection and survey, construction certificates, and other paperwork. It should also include basic materials and facilities such as power, gas, and water connections, safety fencing, construction materials, paints, and coatings. 

Ideally, it should also include basic installations such as kitchen cabinets, power switches, lights, supply lines and outlets, as well as ducting, faucets, sinks, and bathroom fittings.

Do take note of your builder’s list of inclusions and discuss with them thoroughly. Residential construction experts like the BuildQ Group put specific premium inclusions that are a notch above the standard ones offered in the industry, as they level the property to the value of Sydney’s up-and-coming suburbs.

For instance, BuildQ includes kitchen features like 20mm quality stone from their standard selection range and designer taps. They also include appliances like built-in dishwashers and range hoods, and amenities like designer bathtubs.  

  • Builder’s record

Lastly, house and land packages are not cheap – and choosing a trustworthy builder in the Ponds or Sydney can make or break your dream home purchase.

Check their building history and completed projects, as well as reviews from customers. It’s only fair to know that the firm you’re buying the package from has a good reputation that they can back with documentation.

The BuildQ Group has more than 500 projects successfully finished, and has a strong relationship with past customers as can be seen through their testimonials in the company website.


Choosing the right house design and package involves a big deal of mind work that should pay off in the long run. 

After all, you deserve the best for your money. In that case, BuildQ properties in New South Wales are a great choice. Our home and land packages are located in prime areas while being suitable for most budgets.

Choose a win-win purchase where you can get comfortable living spaces perfect for the sweet life you deserve.

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