Home Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

December 17, 2021
Home Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to turn a page and anticipate what next year may bring. There are many things to be excited about in the home design space that all home buyers and those planning to build a new home will totally love. Similar to the past years, 2022 home design trends will put an emphasis on adapting to our changing relationships with our homes and improving comfort all the way.

Whether you’re planning to buy, build, renovate or rebuild a custom home in 2022, read on. We’ve ran down on some home design trends that you can expect in 2022.

1. Home offices will not go away

As they say, trends come and go. But there’s one that’s here to stay. A home design trend influenced by the pandemic, home offices became a necessity in 2020 as workers began working from home. In 2022, experts say that it will continue to be on trend as the work-from-home set up is also predicted to stay. 

So if you’re planning to build or renovate a home next year, consider allocating a space for your home office. This way, you’ll be able to set boundaries between home and work plus, you’ll be able to focus more. Experts say that a home office doesn’t need to be big, it just has to be functional and beautiful.

2. Bedroom designed solely for rest

Speaking of home offices, our bedrooms had to work harder than usual and function as a work area when the pandemic started. This is why experts see a shift in how we treat our bedrooms in 2022. Most interior design outlook see that designing a bedroom conducive for resting and getting quality sleep will be a big focus for many homebuyers and builders. There will be a trend toward decluttering the bedroom, removing clutter and distractions, and replacing them with simple rooms with elegantly arranged beds with soft and inviting pillows and bedding, Big bedroom windows will also be on trend as more people appreciate the natural  flow of light.

3. Emphasis on the flow of natural light

According to Stephen Brockman of US based architecture firm Deborah Berke Partners, multi-functional living areas with access to natural light will remain crucial in 2022 given the amount of  time most people spend inside their homes these days. 

Large windows, high ceilings and skylight home features will be important to provide a nice air and light flow inside a home. Studies suggest that the flow of natural light can improve mood, reducing stress and anxiety. It’s also known to improve focus and concentration capabilities. Plus, this can help freshen up your room and cool it down during warmer months without turning on the air conditioner.

4. The need for multi-functional spaces

Almost two years into the pandemic, many homeowners have realised that a home is far from just a place to rest in. It’s a safe haven where you should be able to do almost everything from work, to exercising and entertainment, and finally, rest and recreation. This is why experts see that many home builders will come up with clever concepts for multifunctional rooms, with focus on making the most out of every space without making the space look cramped and cluttered.

5. Marble and patterned hardwood will be in style

The founder of an interior design studio Eilyn Jimenez predicts that bold and heavy marbles will be in style for next year and it will last for a very long time.

But aside from marble, many experts also see a growing interest in patterned hardwood flooring that gives off an old world craftsmanship vibe or vintage feel. Two-toned patterns will particularly be on trend.

6. Focus on sustainability

Sustainability and the use of organic and reliable materials have become important in recent years, especially because of climate change. This is why experts expect that many home builders and homeowners will put greater emphasis on the responsible manufacturing and use of home materials. Extending the life of items inside the home will be crucial to make sure that less resources will be needed in the long run and there won’t be more waste.

Ultimately, you will be the boss of your own house

Final word of advice: Trends are exciting, but whether you follow them or not is totally up to you. Trends will come and go but you will stay in your home for as long as you need or want to. So when buying or building a home, take cue from trends but decide based on what you really want or need in your dream house. A trusted custom home builder in Sydney should also be able to help you with that.

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