Double the Luxury, Double the Return : Build a duplex with us

July 21, 2021
Double the Luxury, Double the Return : Build a duplex with us

Buying or building a duplex home is like having the best of both worlds. You get to buy a house and call yourself a homeowner. Then, you have a choice to rent the other half of the dwelling so you can have the return of investment and call yourself a landlord. Isn’t that cool and smart? But what exactly is a duplex?

What is a Duplex?

Put simply, a duplex (also known as dual occupancy) is a property that has two residential units in one single block of land. The two homes are divided by a single wall but they have separate entrances and can cater to two different occupants. For a clearer explanation of what a duplex is, just take a look at the photo of this beautiful duplex home by BuildQ Group.

Commonly, duplexes are sold under a single title which makes it a more affordable option. However, some also choose to subdivide a duplex house, in which case, you can buy and sell the other half separately.
Benefits of Owning a Duplex House

Benefits of Owning a Duplex House

Higher yields

Building a duplex allows you to maximise your land without subdividing it. It can help reduce build costs compared to building two separate homes, while at the same time lowering your stamp duty, holding fees, council rates and insurance fees. It also increases tax depreciation and promises high return on investment, helping you build equity. 

Plus, when you choose to buy or build a duplex, you can choose to rent the other or both houses, presenting a new stream of income. This income can help you cover the mortgage and other dues needed to upkeep your home. 
Perfect choice for multi-generational homes

Perfect choice for multi-generational homes

If you’re a young adult with aging parents that need more attention or simply want to live with your parents or relatives but want to be independent already, then duplex is a perfect choice. You can live in close proximity with your loved ones without sacrificing your privacy and while maintaining your own separate living space. When the people from the other house need you, you’ll be able to help in no time.  

An option for when you’re downsizing

If you wish to downsize your house but still want to maximise your land, you may opt to build a duplex instead. That way, you can have enough space for yourself and have an extra place for when visitors come over, or as we repeatedly mentioned here, you can choose to rent the other. 

Are you interested in buying or building a duplex for you, your family, or as an additional investment? Check out our dual occupancy homes exclusively designed for comfortable family living and located within highly desirable suburbs with a family-friendly atmosphere and close to a variety of essential amenities.

Alternatively, contact us and let us discuss everything you want and need in a home.