Designing an Outdoor Living or Entertainment Space

November 29, 2021
Designing an Outdoor Living or Entertainment Space

Who doesn’t love a beautiful outdoor space at the comfort of your home where you can just breathe some fresh air, gather around with your family and friends, or host fun activities? Just picture it. Then if you’re leaving out outdoor spaces for your new home design, think again and take time to reconsider it. Because in fact, experts are seeing alfresco areas as one of the design trends influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

You heard that right, home alfresco areas are in demand especially with the uncertainties ahead and possibilities of lockdown still present. This may be because many home hunters still want to be able to do outdoor activities even though there may be restrictions present. If you’re one of those home hunters or if you’re reconsidering alfresco areas right now, read on. We’ve got some tips for you about designing the perfect outdoor living or entertainment space.

Prioritise practicality

An outdoor space can be a waste of space if you won’t be able to enjoy or use it. So before getting started on the design, ask yourself what do you want to do in an outdoor space. Do you want it to be a space where you can workout and walk? Then less is more would be great. You would want more space with as few objects in the area as possible. Meanwhile, if you have a large patio with a pool, you can convert it to a multi-use place.

Outdoor spaces can also be a bit tricky because of varied weather conditions so make sure to think about these:

  • Where will the sun be the hottest in your outdoor space?
  • How often will you use it during the winter season?
  • What effect will the weather have on maintenance?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of materials and furniture you should use in your outdoor space, as well as the position of your shelter and shade.

Plan for a nice, shaded area

Speaking of shelter and shade, your outdoor space should have a covered area to build a comfortable and effective living area that protects you from bright sunshine, annoying glare. This is especially important for homes in Australia where we are blessed with warm weather during summer. The shaded area can also be a cool area to sit and relax outdoors.

Treat your outdoor area as part of your indoor space

Rather than treating the indoors and outdoors as separate entities, make your design more consistent by treating your alfresco area as an extension of your living room or perhaps your kitchen. While natural light is always great, you can try installing lighting to transform your outside space into a true extension of your home. You can also turn a spot in your outdoor space into a food prepping station (i.e. barbecue or picnic place). You can also try uplighting trees or fencing further out in the yard, which creates visual interest and expands the feel of the space. For the perfect finish, add ornamental lights to brighten steps and paths for added safety.

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