Building Partners’ Appreciation after a Successful Build

August 28, 2020
Building Partners’ Appreciation after a Successful Build

With BuildQ, every successful home design and build involves a team of dedicated professionals willing to go the extra mile to provide a positive experience for our clients.

We make sure that every request our clients make is heard and well-supported throughout the project, from the architectural planning, to project management, up to the actual building and completion.

‘To everyone who was part of our project, “During the entire project we may have come across differences of opinion; however, each one of you displayed yourselves as a professional and tried to resolve matters accordingly. That shows your commitment to customer service.”’

— Hardik & Monali

Hardik and Monali are building partners who decided to rely on BuildQ for their project—and were not disappointed by the results.

See what they have to say about their experience with each BuildQ builders who assisted them throughout the project:

‘To Dipakbhai, “Thanks for keeping everything together and let the process run smoothly throughout the project. You have gone out of your way to help us with many things.”’

‘To Krunal, “We will never forget your input to prepare our architect plans and make us understand technical things at the initial stage.”’

‘To Ganshyambhai, “I truly appreciate your contribution to the selections and handover. You have always addressed our concerns sincerely.”’

‘To Vrajeshbhai, “You always made sure that we were satisfied with everything. I understand I have caused you some extra work just because I kept changing my mind. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.”’

‘To Maharshi, “You are a friendly and approachable person that I never hesitated to contact. You looked after us very well for our selections.”’

‘To Pars, “Thanks for looking after our accounts throughout the project.”’

For us, there’s more to building a house than just putting materials together—it’s about the experience.

We are the BuildQ Group – builders you can TRUST.

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