Build the Perfect Home for Your Family

December 8, 2021
Build the Perfect Home for Your Family

As a custom home builder in Sydney, we’ve designed many homes for families. While we understand that each family is unique and the functionalities may vary, there are some basic principles to keep in mind. These can help you and us build a custom home in Sydney that you will love for many years. In this blog, we’ll run down some of the things to consider when building a perfect family home with a focus on functionality without sacrificing style.

1) Think about each member’s lifestyle

A family home is all about providing shelter for multiple people under one roof. Take time to think about what a dream property might look like for each member. Do all members need separate rooms? Or do you prefer to stay closer to your kids and have big bedrooms? Do you consider the kitchen as the heart of the home? Do you need a garden and how big do you want it to be? How many members need dedicated space for work and study? These are just questions that might help you decide on what you need for your perfect family home.

2) Create shared spaces

What’s a family home if you can’t bond inside the property, right? While it’s nice to have separate rooms to provide some privacy and to support each member’s lifestyle, a need for a shared space can’t be ignored. Some ideal shared spaces for families include open plan kitchen, dining and living areas as seen in most contemporary homes.

3) Have an extra storage space

A growing family is almost equal to more stuff in your house: more toys, tools, books, gifts and other equipment. Make your home clutter-free by considering how much additional stuff you have and planning for an organised storage space. For instance, having built-in storage is a terrific way to keep books, games, toys, and other knick-knacks tidy.

4) Don’t forget about the bathroom space

When you’re living with your family, it’s nice to have more than one bathroom especially if you have more than three members. These days, most houses have a family bathroom with separate toilet and a master ensuite. However, try adding a second ensuite or extra toilet as necessary.

5) Spice up your alfresco area

Make the most of your space by having an alfresco area where the whole family can bond together over cups of juice, barbecue parties, and great conversations. You can also try having a safe and obstruction-free garden with high-quality landscaping where children can play or adults can rest and exercise around.

6) Make room for growth

When designing a family home, you should also consider how each member will grow and how their needs will change. For example, having a playroom is great if you have young children, but what happens when they grow up and no longer need it? Early on, think about that when planning on your space’s design. When the kids are all grown up, what may this room look like? You’ll thank yourself later if you plan ahead.

7) Have fun with the design

If you’re building a custom home in Sydney or The Ponds for your family, you have the wonderful opportunity to communicate what you want in a home and make it happen. So don’t stress too much about the details and have fun. The colour of the rooms, for example, can be modified later on. Plus, if you’re working with the right home builder, they should be able to provide suggestions and give you sound advice regarding your home design.

8) Never compromise the quality of your home

Your home should be able to protect you from all types of threats: thieves, intense storms, earthquakes, fire and much more. So make sure that you don’t scrimp on quality. Work with a quality custom home builder who can accommodate all your requests regarding all the things we’ve discussed, without sacrificing quality.

Give your family the best home they deserve

BuildQ Group is a trusted custom home builder in Sydney. We have over 550 projects completed including contemporary and reliable family homes. We build custom houses in Sydney that are not only beautiful, but also built to last so your family can enjoy living in it for many years.

We also offer a 6-year structural guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction to give you peace of mind throughout the process. Our quality inclusions and excellent customer service are top-tier, you’ll never go wrong with working with BuildQ.

Ready to build a beautiful, reliable custom home for your family in Sydney? Contact us today and let’s make your dream home come true.


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