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How to Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

How to Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

You don’t need to break your bank account to upgrade your property value. And of course, no owner would want to pay a massive amount to transform a house, especially if they’re planning to sell it anyway.  The good news is, there are easy and affordable tricks to transform your place whether you are trying... Read More

The Newest, Most Desirable Homes Out in the Market (50 Anson, 1 Prosper, 15 Meehan)

The whole 2020 year has given us a frightful experience and went through many obstructions and financial crises due to COVID-19 pandemic. Just in a half year, the entire economic market has hit with a lousy end to the health crisis. Recently we have crossed half of the year. Across the pandemic period, many might... Read More

10 Reasons Why Buying Your Own House is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

So you’ve managed to tick off everyone on your gift list, making sure everyone friendly this year gets to receive something. You’ve even had the time to write greeting cards for those who have been naughty! It seems you’re all set up, and everyone is taken care of, except for one—you left yourself out! In... Read More

Where to Buy: Marsden Park vs Schofields

Marsden Park and Schofields are two of the fastest-growing suburbs in Sydney to-date. Both areas offer prime real estate because of their locations, amenities, proximity to parks, schools and commercial spaces. But which site should you buy your new home? Here’s what you need to consider if you’re deciding where to buy in case you... Read More

The Granny Flat: What They Are and Why You’ll Want One

So, you managed to get your new home constructed in a prime location in Sydney with the spacious backyard you’ve always dreamt of. Great! Life couldn’t be more perfect for you and your growing family—or could it? As your family gets bigger, the space in your house tends to become smaller. You could use a... Read More

The Surge After The Scourge: What’s to Happen with Australia’s Property-Market Post-Pandemic

Post-apocalyptic movies and novels picture a world full of despair and destruction. Houses, communities and cities completely were torn apart. Businesses and lives, destroyed and not a semblance of humanity is evident. Every man for himself mentality is prevalent, and hope is almost lost. Those were the results of science-fiction global catastrophes that people—at least... Read More

How to Build a “Green Home”?

Sustainability. It focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It’s precisely what the world needs and is lacking in today’s society. If you’re an advocate of a more sustainable way of life, “going green” is the way to go. It is the same... Read More

What We’ve Learnt (so far..) in the Pandemic about the Property Market

The Australian property market started strong at the start of the year, with prices rising to 14.5% in Sydney as compared to last year. It was then when everyone was still healthy, and the unemployment rate was relatively low. Then, the pandemic happened, and it’s as if the world turned a different direction altogether.  Industries... Read More

Building Partners’ Appreciation after a Successful Build

With BuildQ, every successful home design and build involves a team of dedicated professionals willing to go the extra mile to provide a positive experience for our clients. We make sure that every request our clients make is heard and well-supported throughout the project, from the architectural planning, to project management, up to the actual... Read More

The September Slope: Why the Property Market Shouldn’t Panic in the Pandemic

The property market is currently facing one of its biggest challenges in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. People feel hesitant to invest in any considerable expenses, such as buying a new property. There is the uncertainty of heading into a financial downfall that could lead their businesses and livelihood to ruin.  However, recent initiatives... Read More

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