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Business and Consumer Confidence: The Significant Keys That Hold Australia’s Property Market Amid Pandemic

Business and Consumer Confidence: The Significant Keys That Hold Australia’s Property Market Amid Pandemic

It has been more than half a year since the pandemic tried to play mischief with the Global economy, not to mention, Australia’s property market. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat amidst the economic crisis. It is difficult to find the will to look into the bright side of the situation, especially when the unemployment... Read More

Foundations in Residential Construction Homes

When investing your hard money, always ask your self what is the most important component on your investment? It will not be difficult to figure out that building foundation and structure will be the key component. Importance of good foundation is always very important in any construction may it be commercial or residential homes. A... Read More

Can I really receive $25,000 from the government for buying a house this 2020?

A quick rundown of HomeBuilder’s definition and requirements The Covid-19 pandemic hit Australia hard along with perhaps the majority of countries around the world. More than a health issue, it created a far-reaching global crisis that pushed sunk economies and industries down. Has it affected you and your dream of having your own house, too?... Read More

Often Searched But Seldom Found: Special Home Features

If you’re moving into one of Sydney’s numerous suburbs, you might find house hunting a tedious process.  It can get difficult to choose where you can get a great balance between your budget and home features you’d like to have. A lot of questions can pop up, such as “should I choose a place near... Read More

Home designs: Are House and Land Packages worth it?

Are all homes built equally? Yes in terms of standards, but in terms of investment quality, they’re not.  For real estate matters especially in populated areas such as Sydney, you have to be more discerning with features that developers and builders showcase in their display shops and websites. You probably know that buying a home... Read More

Financing Schemes for First-Time Buyers

Buying a home for the first time is a big decision for many people. In Australia, particularly in New South Wales, first-home buyers are eligible for two financing schemes that can help them secure their first home. First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme (FHBAS)  Full or partial exemption of transfer duty Applies to buying an existing... Read More

The home-building journey: Have you ever thought about how your dream home is made?

The home of your dreams is a construction project that many professionals worked on together, especially custom homes. It starts with an idea, knowing what the customers want, and then dedicating all effort towards making that idea a reality. Are you curious how this process happens? Let’s take a step-by-step journey into how your dream... Read More

Homes keep you safer than you think – against Covid19 and more

The main reason we keep a roof over our heads is to keep the elements out. Incidentally and to our advantage, in pandemics such as Covid-19, it also helps keep sickness out as long as we stay in. What’s more, the better-built it is, the more security it can offer. Staying at home during a... Read More

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