Benefits of a Customised Open Floor Plan

September 8, 2021
Benefits of a Customised Open Floor Plan

Most modern homes have an open floor plan which limits the use of walls and enclosed rooms. Open floor plan easily elevates the aesthetic value of a home, which is a huge plus for those who are looking to live in a beautiful space or resell their property in the future. But beyond looks, are open floor plans really worth it?

What exactly are open floor plans?

As its name suggests, open floor plans are mostly open. Think of a house with a large shared space for living area and kitchen. Before the introduction of open floor plans, those areas tend to be separated by walls and other dividers. With open floor plans, only colours and other visual cues separate each area, no walls and other boundaries.

Why are open floor plans everyone’s favourite?

1) Open floor plans make your space look large and bright

Small spaces will look even smaller when they are divided by walls and tiny, crammed rooms. So if you’re not gifted with a large home, then an open floor plan would be your life saver. Open floor plans trick your eye into thinking that your space is larger than it really is. Natural light can also easily flow through the room.

2) Open space makes it easy to connect with each occupant

Love family bonding time? With open floor plans, there’s plenty of space for everyone! You can even watch your pet or talk to your kid in the living room while preparing for meals in your open kitchen.

3) They’re also ideal for hosting gatherings

If you’re a fan of hosting small game nights or parties, then you’ll love houses with an open floor plan. Less walls mean ample space for guests to stay and more socialisation.

Why would anyone not love an open floor plan?

Like most design trends, open floor plans also have some downsides that make people stick to the traditional closed spaces. We listed some of them to help you weigh your choices.

1) Smell and noise are shared within one open space

If someone’s cooking in the open space kitchen, people in the living room can easily smell the food. And if someone’s banging on a new rock music in the living room without earphones on, then rest assured that everyone in the open space will hear it. You get the picture.

2) Requires constant cleaning and maintenance

A mess in the corner of an open space can be easily seen throughout the room. And even the smallest amount of clutter at one spot can make the space look messy. Should you decide to go for an open floor plan, you’ll have to make sure that the whole space is maintained well.

So what’s your take?

Houses with open floor plans are lovely, bright and ideal for fun family or friends bonding. They can also be noisy spaces that require constant upkeep. Whatever your choice may be, whether to go for open spaces or not, we know that you’ll be able to get the best home you deserve when you work with BuildQ Group. We can help you make a customised open floor plan which aligns with your requirements.

Contact us and let’s build a home you’ll love

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