10 Reasons Why Buying Your Own House is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

December 4, 2020
10 Reasons Why Buying Your Own House is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

So you’ve managed to tick off everyone on your gift list, making sure everyone friendly this year gets to receive something. You’ve even had the time to write greeting cards for those who have been naughty! It seems you’re all set up, and everyone is taken care of, except for one—you left yourself out!

In this season of giving, it’s imperative that you also take care of yourself, especially after considering the hardships you and your family must have gone through due to 2020’s rough, topsy turvy course. That said, you deserve an all-out gift that speaks, “best gift, ever”—yes, we’re telling you to buy yourself a new house!

Allow us to explain 10 reasons why a new house is the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas.

1. You deserve it!

It’s fairly obvious. You’ve made it through the year despite a series of challenges and hardships in one year. Making it out of 2020 is something everyone should cheer about, and buying a new house for yourself is taking the celebration on a whole new level.

2. There’s no better gift.

They say that a home is a sacred place where you can relax, be free, and just be yourself. Giving yourself a haven where you can feel safe and cozy is way better than buying yourself a pair of socks or a new necktie. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with those little trinkets, but a house is simply a cut above the rest.

3. You’re actually helping the property market.

Economies worldwide have been struck pretty hard by the travel restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. In Australia, the property market had been resilient after receiving a tremendous amount of support from both the government and the banks.

Efforts like the HomeBuilder stimulus package and the extension of Jobkeeper contribute to strengthening the property market as a whole. With you availing of these grants and building or buying a new house, you are helping the country’s economy, leading us to our next point.

4. You’re creating more jobs.

More houses to build and more houses sold directly affects the unemployment rate. Just imagine the number of people who will benefit from you gifting yourself a new home! 

There are people from the construction agencies, those in design and architecture, even the property agents will start getting busy once you decide to get a new house. With you, giving the best gift to yourself, you’re turning the crank of a wind-up job-making machine.

5. Mortgage loan deferral.

Thanks to local Australian banks’ initiatives in extending mortgage loan deferral to their customers who are struggling with the pandemic, new home builders and those who have started paying for their homes enjoy a significant freeze on their loan repayments. This scenario encourages more people to buy and build more houses, which keeps the cash flow in the property market going and the industry afloat.

6. A gift to last for generations.

Think of this, how long would a regular gift last? A pair of socks, a couple of months, maybe? Kitchenware, five years, perhaps? A box of your favorite snacks probably wouldn’t last a couple of days. But a house—especially a well-built one—it’s enough to last a lifetime, and possibly more.

A house can be an heirloom you can pass on to your kids, and their kids, and so on. It’s a big-time investment, but hey, if your children’s children get to enjoy the gift you bought for yourself a few decades ago, then it is a gift worth giving yourself.

7. A gift that has a value that keeps climbing.

Although the property market trend is slightly on a downhill slope, it’s safe to say that it will eventually curve upwards after the pandemic.

That said, buying your house this holiday season is very strategic, considering the projection on the world’s recovery both physically and economically from the virus. Some call it the surge after the scourge, and those who take risks now can reap the benefits two- or three-folds soon.

8. Save gift wrappers.

This one is a no-brainer. Why spend time and effort wrapping a gift you will tear apart anyway the second the clock strikes 12 on Christmas eve? Save yourself from the hassle and go straight for the big reveal. If you’d like to surprise someone with your new house as a gift, you can use a simple handkerchief to blindfold your loved ones, then—*TADA!* A new home!

9. Buying a house attracts more gifts!

This part may not come out as a surprise, but it’s worth mentioning. Remember when a new neighbor pops up beside your house, and your parents struggle to think of something to bring a gift over to welcome them? Well, you can expect more of those once you decide to build your new home. 

Things have changed, of course. Instead of seeing your neighbors in person, look forward to gift boxes on your doorstep with little notes about welcoming you in the neighborhood. Social distancing is a must, but the “new neighbor” tradition is very much alive.

10. It’s worth every penny.

You might be thinking that buying a house as a gift is too much, but in reality, it’s far from that. Every penny you spend on buying or building a new place is money well-spent. You’re giving the best gift money can buy, including the intangibles like having a safe home for your family to make more beautiful memories.

It’s a costly investment, for sure. But if you’ll look at how much this gift will bring you and your family, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth it and so much more.

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